Each year we assess our work and make sure we are delivering the best possible projects to address the children’s needs.   We are piloting a new project to provide  individual plans for each child based on their needs which will enable those who work and care for them to react and provide care in a consistent and constructive way which best addresses the needs of each child.

The children and young people ZOV works with have participated in a total of seven sports tournaments in the last three months all over Bulgaria.  A total of 63 medals were won by the children !!!!

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Children have been making gifts to sell at the Easter Bazaar to celebrate Baba Marta including Martenitsi.

Participating in Ice Skating sessions in the winter months and badminton, table tennis, athletics, running, basketball in preparation for a sports competition in Sofia

Weekly individual educational support has resulted in 15 children with improved reading skills and 7 with improved writing skills.

26 children went on a trip to Ksilifor an outdoor centre to participate in outdoor activities in January.