• The Day Centres that ZOV supports enable families of children with complex needs to feel supported through the range of therapies and staff interventions provided. We provide additional support to prevent children going into adult care. We support the deinstitutionalization process by providing emergency help and mentors to facilitate the process.
  • ZOV is the first organisation in Bulgaria to undertake urgent replacement care – providing trained volunteers to become care givers in the Balvan orphanage for a two month period who were struggling with lack of staff. ZOV was formally recognised for our help with the de-institutionalisation process.
  • Katia, the Manager of ZOV BG prepared a local 2016-2020 Strategy Plan for the development of social services in VT area.
  • ZOV provides parents with support and staff from the homes with support
  • ZOV has started working with a Crisis Centre for Women and Young Children
  • ZOV supports two schools working with disadvantaged children and those at risk offering educational help

Mikhail :  – is a 9 year old boy with mental and learning disabilities. He has serious problem with his behaviour and aggression towards other children. No school would accept him. His mother is unable to look after him properly and leaves him alone in the park for hours. Social services wanted to send him to a residential centre but they decided to try the Day centre first. Both ZOV and Gorna centre staff worked hard to help him and his mother to look after him and now social workers have decided not to take him way from his parents

“Thank you for the great support you are giving to my child. I am so happy, so grateful and I brought back my hope that there are good people in the world that don’t have prejudices and don’t afraid to work with our little angels! God bless you!” Amelia, mother of 6 year old girl visiting ZOV sessions in Gorna Day centre

“Thank you for what you did for the Balvan orphanage children – you saved the situation when children were left without care and staff. I think ZOV is one of the most important partners not only in supporting children without parents but also as part of the entire deinstitutionalization process!” Rositsa Dimitrova, Director of Municipal Social Services in Veliko Turnovo area.