We provide specialized projects to each of these centres, depending on the children’s needs, which are evaluated each year. We believe in flexibility and innovation in all our projects to respond to changing environments and the needs of the children.

1. Special Children’s Club – Children in three centers for disabled children. One day centre and two for Children which are deprived of parental care.

2. Children’s Club – Children in four centres, three for children deprived of parental care and one for girls who have been victims of abuse and trafficking.

3. Outreach and Mentoring – Children in seven centres including two schools

4. Staff Training and Wellbeing – Annual workshops for staff focusing on wellbeing and skill sharing methods of working with children

5. Recreation and Trips : Annual summer holiday for around 150 children, educational and cultural days trips throughout the year, and Christmas presents and parties.

6. University Support Grants – Enabling children who want to continue on to further education to do so; they volunteer for one of our programs in return.