Following the deinstitutionalisation process in Bulgaria, new, smaller care homes and centres were established. (See the ‘Where we Work’ page for details on each centre). Through our Children’s Club Projects, we work with 80 children with special needs and 73 children and young people living in residential care. The wellbeing of the children within these homes is of upmost importance to ZOV and our staff.

We provide:

  • Training for Staff on child behavioural challenges and welfare
  • Weekly support from volunteers to enhance the children’s experiences and wellbeing at the homes
  • Recreational opportunities > summer trips away to Baba Stana in the countryside and coast; Christmas parties and presents; trips to the zoo and other educational and fun visits
  • Giving the attention and care needed to those who have suffered neglect and lack of maternal care and love
  • Christmas parties and presents every year to around 150 children
  • Weekly dance, music, English, sport and cooking sessions
  • Music, art and speech therapy for children with special needs

Katia: is a 6-year old girl with complex physical and learning disabilities. She couldn’t walk or catch objects with her hands. Since ZOV has been working with her, she no longer needs to use a wheelchair and has improved fine motor skills.  She can now catch objects and color in a shaped figure without losing the line.

“We are really happy and grateful for sessions and support given by ZOV.  Nobody else support us or wants to help, but what you are doing is priceless and we can see first hand the results. It’s amazing, thank you! I hope this initiative will continue in the future and will mean more people come to work with our children!” Megi, Director of Family Centre for Disabled Children