Since ZOV began its work in Bulgaria, we have had a very real and life-changing impact for hundreds of children we have supported. The ZOV centres, homes and services are proven to have improved vulnerable children’s self-esteem, communication skills, independence and future prospects.


  • Since 2006, 85% of the children that ZOV has been working with have continued on to further education or got jobs since leaving the home.  Before we started working at the home, only 20% of children went on to further education and many ended up involved in criminal or exploitative activities.
  • In 2019 ZOV was awarded by the Child Protection Agency the “Best Partnership award for work with local authorities and Childrens centre”
  •  In 2018 ZOV was awarded by the Child Protection Agency for ensuring a “Happy Childhood”. 
  • In 2016 , 2017, 2019 100% and in 2018 83% of children who left the homes found jobs or continued on to further education.
  • Our local lead manager Katia undertook a PhD study on ZOV’s results over the last eight years and showed a measurable increase in the children’s self-esteem and motivation.  Her results showed the importance of individual attention in the reduction of anxiety and promotion of independence.
  • 17 National and Local Awards.
  • In 2016 ZOV was awarded the highest recognition by the Bulgarian Ministry of Social Support for: our innovative approach to social service and working with children; the outstanding results we achieve; and our use of volunteers and efficiency as an organisation.  The award is given annually and is the highest award in Bulgaria for innovation. ZOV was nominated for this award by the Veliko Turnovo Municipality who recently acknowledged ZOV as their best partner for the provision of care and support for children in need.

We have also enabled children to:

  • Gain professional qualifications and key life-skills they otherwise would not have achieved.
  • Go on to find work experience, employment and/or university places.
  • Improve their health, both physically and emotionally: some children no longer need to use a wheelchair and children once mute now speak!
  • Complete the international Duke of Edinburgh Award (the first organisation in Bulgaria to do this!)

“I didn’t realise before, but now when I am out of the orphanage and experienced real life, I really appreciate how important you people are and all the projects you did! I realise that without you, I would never be the same person and how important it was to have your support!” Mitko, 19 years old