• 2010 ZOV received an award from the Veliko Turnovo Municipality
  • 2011, 2012, 2014 ZOV’s Outreach Project received an award from the Academy for Civil Society for International Good Practice.
  • 2012 ZOV and OXAB were rated the best and most innovative social service in the Veliko Tarnovo region by the Agency of Social Support
  • 2014 ZOV was awarded Best Volunteer Initiative from the National Children’s Net Foundation
  • 2014 The President of Bulgaria and Ambassador of the UK gave an award to the children ZOV supported when they completed the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.
  • 2015 ZOV got a special recognition as one of the Best Services for Children by Social Care specialist in the Norther Bulgaria Region
  • 2015 ZOV was recognized by local authorities as the Best Partner in the Deinstitutionalization Process in Veliko Tarnova area.
  • 2016 ZOV was awarded the highest award for innovation by the Bulgarian Ministry of Social Support for our innovative approach to social service and working with children; the outstanding results we achieve; and our use of volunteers and efficiency as an organisation.
  • 2016 ZOV award from the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and Mayor acknowledging ZOV as the Best Partner by the local authorities and municipality
  • Seven ZOV student volunteers have received an award from Veliko Tarnovo University for their active roles and participation in ZOVs Education club
  • 2017 ZOV was awarded for preparing students for professional social work and education practices by the University of Veliko Tarnovo.
  • 2019 ZOV won a national award from the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria for Good Practices for our work experience and educational programmes.
  • 2018, 2019 and 2020 ZOV received an award from the Bulgarian Child Protection Agency for ensuring a “Happy Childhood” for children. In 2020 our online mentoring programme was recognised as one of the best initiative for children during the COVID Crisis .
  • 2021 ZOV won an award for the garden at the crisis centres and all sports and recreational activities. This award was given by the Child protection agency in recognition of good practice and excellent partnerships.


It is not just the children we support. As part of the mentoring programme we have 100 student volunteers.  30 student volunteers have found jobs as social workers and specialists in children protection. 380 students have participated in the wider project since it started helping over 300 children . 2 mentors have been employed directly by ZOV and 26 work in the same centres in which we work.  90% of the Crisis Centre staff has been part of the ZOV Outreach and Mentoring Project.  Three Directors of the homes we work with have been Mentors.

We also help support social care professionals who often work part time on very low salaries. By providing part-time employment and extra income they are more likely to continue working within the challenging field of social care. Our core staff have been with us for over 12 years.  We run training courses for our staff from the homes, and for members of municipality and child protection on key issues including personal wellbeing.


Most importantly, we can confidently state that we have improved the children’s confidence and sense of value in their community. Whether through participation in sports competitions, selling crafts they have made at a bazaar, or performing in a concert in front of the wider community, ZOV children now know that they are cared for and that someone believes in them to go on to do and be whatever they wish. We will continue to support these children through to the futures that we know they deserve.


ZOV has been involved in 30 conferences and strategies for social care and child protection policy. Members of ZOV staff became part of Regional Strategy planning of social services in the Veliko Turnovo area for 2016 – 2020. ZOV has provided emergency care and help in the deinstitutionalisation process.

“For me and for our team ZOV is something really special. Special, because it is not just an organization that supports disadvantaged children, but this is a cause for all of us – for children, for staff, for the team, for the centre. We are really privileged to be part of this cause, and to see that someone cares not only for the children, but also us as teachers and care givers. Nobody respects us, everyone just blames us. We are 24 hours with children and ZOV is the only organization that cares for us and understands that support for children is not possible without people and specialists. ZOV supports us with training and attention.  They respect us and we will never forget it.  We are so grateful and we feel a part of the ZOV cause with all our hearts and souls. Thank you and God bless you!Venecia Krasteva, teacher at Penyo and Maria Centres for Children Deprived of Parental Care

“The Municipality and all homes accept ZOV not as a separate organisation but as part of our team.  They are always consistent, great and provide much needed help we haven’t received from any other organisation. ZOV is always supporting the kids and their needs! They are the best partner of all children’s services in Veliko Tarnovo, when there is a problem, ZOV is there to help. Thank you so much!” Rositsa Dimitrova, Head of Social services Department in Veliko Turnovo Municipality