All our staff in the UK are volunteers and 100% of what you donate goes towards our work in Bulgaria.

Our Privacy Policy and General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR) is outlined at the bottom of the page.

Director UK  – Charlotte Healey – Charlotte has worked with ZOV for the past ten years. She is managing director of ZOV and is primarily responsible for fundraising, marketing and the UK profile of ZOV. She also provides annual training courses for the staff and, along with Katia, is responsible for ZOV UK and BG.  She has a Masters Degree with Distinction from Cass Business School in Voluntary Sector Management and is an experienced project manager.


Charlotte Healey- Managing Director
George Karaargirov – Trustee
Lucy Rosenstein – Non Executive Director
Charmian Perkins – Trustee
Mark Giulianotti- Trustee
Dimitar Todorov Velikov – Trustee
Branimir Zelenkov – Trustee


We employ a total of seventeen child care professionals, including art and speech therapists and two psychologists.  Two members of the team have PhDs on children at risk and disabled children. 80 mentors from Veliko Turnovo University also volunteer for us.

Manager in Bulgaria – Katerina Zlatkova –  Katerina (Katia) has worked with ZOV for the past ten years as the project coordinator in Bulgaria. She has a background in social care (graduating as a Social Worker) and business management. She has a Masters Degree in Economy (Tourism), a post graduate degree in Teaching and a PhD in social work and education from Veliko Turnovo University. Katia has developed a very strong working relationship with the staff and children at ‘Penyo and Maria Velkovi’ children’s home. In 2015 she became a member of the local Commission for deinstitutionalization and the Commission Strategy of social services in the Veliko Turnovo area 2016-2020, together with the deputy governor and directors of the Regional Agency of social support.


Currently we have 80 mentors from Veliko Turnovo University providing 98 children with individual mentoring and educational support. They are trained and are provided with key practical and work experience, often in their area of social pedagogy. This experience not only changes the children’s lives but is also an extremely valuable experience for the mentors. To date 180 students have participated in the mentoring and outreach programme providing individual support to children in care.  Many have gone on to gain  full time employment at centres we work with, with one now a Director.

Privacy Policy and General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR)

The only data ZOV holds is email addresses on Campaign Monitor, a forum that we use to send newsletters. There is, and has been for five years, an unsubscribe function for those who don’t want to be contacted anymore. Campaign Monitor has measures to make sure the data is held securely. You can view their GDPR policies and procedures at the following link https://www.campaignmonitor.com/trust/. We will never share the information we have with 3rd parties, without consent. If there is a data breach we will contact Campaign monitor to understand what has happened as they hold the email list, and if contact is made without prior consent or you’re unhappy about the level of contact your data will be immediately removed from the database and a record of the breach will be kept. We will endeavour to inform those whose data has been breached within 72 hours.

From the 25th May 2018, for anyone that expresses an interest in our work and wants to receive further information, we will make sure expressive consent is sort including consent to the timings, content and frequency of all further contact. We will only hold personnel information where consent has been provided. Evidence of consent will be recorded and not passed on to any third parties.

“ZOV believes that we have a shared responsibility to help the deinstitutionalization process but also make sure these residential centers have the resources and the support they need to be effective and to be a different model to that of the orphanage” Katia Zlatkova, Director ZOV BG

Being a mentor is not just helping a child – it is a mission to give someone your time, experience and fun. I feel useful and I have learned so much from my child/mentee. This is most amazing project I have ever participated in!” Maria, Mentor

“I feel so grown up since I became mentor. I feel full of empathy and love giving so many great moments to the child!” Sevda, Mentor